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The Crack-GMAT Test Series consists of five full-length COMPUTER ADAPTIVE tests which are on the same lines as the actual GMAT test. It will provide the necessary practice to familiarize you with the computerized format of testing; its unique scoring pattern will give you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

You can try out our free GMAT test for your assessment:

Click here to take a free full-length practice GMAT test

Advantages of Crack-GMAT Test Series

  • ADAPTABILITY : Just like the actual tests, the Crack-GMAT test series adapts to your ability level. There are different levels of questions, and just as in the actual GMAT, the level of your next question will depend on your response to the previous questions.

  • COMPREHENSIVENESS : The GMAT test series consists of a comprehensive set of questions prepared to cover a large variety and type of questions. It also consists of a detailed explanation of each question to help you understand your mistakes and improve your scores.

  • CONVENIENCE : Once you have the tests with you, you can set your own pace depending on the time you have for preparation. You can take these tests in simulated settings on your own home or office PC.

  • FULL-LENGTH : The Crack-GMAT tests are full-length tests. It is important to maintain your concentration and focus for the entire duration of the test. Most students fail to develop that level of concentration. The three ways to develop the concentration are practice, practice and practice.

  • INTERACTIVITY : At any point after subscribing to the test, you can e-mail us with any problems that you might face at any stage of the testing process. Rest assured that you will get a reply within 24 hours.

Click here to download the Five full-length GMAT Test Series at a special price of US $ 19.95 only

How the Crack-GMAT Test Series works :

  • Before you subscribe to the Test Series, we recommend that you take our FREE diagnostic test. This would give you an idea of our Test Series.
  • As soon as we receive your subscription fee for the Test Series, you will receive a mail indicating that you have been enrolled as a subscriber. You can then download the test series on your computer.
  • You can then proceed to take the first of the Five tests, which you can do off-line, without being connected to the Internet. You even have the option of "pausing" a test and resuming it later from where you left, though our advice is to take a test at one go.
  • Once you complete Test One, you can get to know your scores and the solutions to the questions in Test One.
  • After you’ve reviewed your performance in the Test, you have access to Test Two. Again, take the test off-line at your convenience, view your scores and the solutions, and access Test Three. This process continues till you have completed all the Five Tests of the Test Series.

Click here to download the Five full-length GMAT Test Series at a special price of US $ 19.95 only


Special Offer

The GMAT Test Series also forms a part of the Crack-GMAT comprehensive preparation package along with the Math and Verbal study guides.

The price for the Crack-GMAT comprehensive preparation package is US $ 29.95.


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